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The Perfection
Wisdom for All

A crowdfunding campaign to translate and publish

The Perfection of Wisdom in One Hundred Thousand Lines

With deep appreciation for all those who gave generously throughout this campaign, we are pleased to share that we have successfully reached our target, and this campaign is now complete. As a direct result of this global crowdfunding effort, one of the Kangyur's lengthiest texts will soon be freely available in English. 

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Freely Available for All


Be Inspired

Prajñapāramitā, personified in female form, is worshipped as the mother of the buddhas, and this scripture–retrieved from the nāga realm–is the lengthiest Prajñapāramitā text in the human world, and is thus considered the most exhaustive account of the Buddha’s teaching on Vulture Peak over a period of–some say–thirty years.


Come Together

We rely on your generosity: 84000's work is an offering of wisdom for the world. We believe in the truth of interdependence and in the power of community. We are a project of all Buddhists, and for all Buddhists and beyond. But connecting the world with wisdom, begins with you!


Build a Legacy

This campaign to translate and publish the Prajñāpāramitā is an invitation to contribute to a rooted legacy of wisdom that will see 10,000 pages of the Buddha’s words made available to the English-speaking word for the first time in history.


"We will be making available to people of
all nationalities, everything they need to follow
the Buddha’s infinite path to liberation."

– Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

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